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    House and secure IT equipment from network closets to server rooms to large data centers.

    Server Racks & Enclosures

  • NetShelter SV

    The smart choice in data center racks.

  • InfraStruxure for Small IT

    This video explains the core principles of InfraStruxure for Small IT and how it helps customers solve their most pressing IT challenges.

  • myNetShelter cabinet and rack PDU configuration process

    The myNetShelter cabinet and rack PDU configurator helps solve your unique requirements.

  • Discover NetShelter CX

    The solution for deploying IT equipment outside the server room.

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      Rack enclosure systems for server applications: high-efficiency & high-density

      APC by Schneider Electric's rack enclosure systems have been engineered to optimize proper airflow and to promote efficient cable management that allows for quick and easy access as new equipment is installed in the rack.

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      Rack enclosure solutions for networking applications: high-capacity cable management

      Superior cable management is imperative with today's rack enclosures packed to capacity with a mix of equipment. APC by Schneider Electric's rack enclosure systems provide high-capacity cable management needed to keep cable density under control.


    • Privzeto spremenjeno besedilo Schneider Electric's power distribution, cooling and cable management products work seamlessly with IT enclosures to provide a complete solution.
    • Privzeto spremenjeno besedilo The roof can be removed with simple hinges and is reversible to reposition larger cable openings for power distribution plugs and connectors.
    • Privzeto spremenjeno besedilo Enclosures are optimized for use with high capacity cable management systems that attach to equipment mounting rails.
    • Privzeto spremenjeno besedilo Our “Fits Like a Glove" money back guarantee ensures your EIA-310-D compliant rack-mount equipment will physically fit in a NetShelter.
    • Privzeto spremenjeno besedilo Providing complete server rack enclosures with a single part number eliminates confusion and time spent compiling dozens of SKUs.
    • Privzeto spremenjeno besedilo Shock packaging allows enclosures to be shipped with equipment already mounted inside.
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