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    Razvod kablov

    Kabli in kabelska oprema/Sistem Telequick


    Razvod kablov
    • Lastnosti

      Spacial FlexiCable (New):

      An innovative cable entry plate . There is no need to marking out, cutting or drilling cable gland plates.  No specific tools are required!

      Spacial FlexiCable is the solution for simple and fast cable entrance with an exclusive and patented  technology.

      > Discover more about Spacial FlexiCable : watch the presentation video

      Cable Management  accessories:

      • Cable entries & cable glands
      • Cable ties & cable fixing profiles
      • Cable ducting :
        • Cable ducts
        • Cable tubes
        • Cable rails

      Telequick System:

      With the Telequick cable management system the cabling process is faster and easier to be done.


      • Special blue cable ducts
      • Quick fixing brackets for cable ducts
      • Dedicated insulated screws
      • Corrugated tubes
      • Others

      > Watch the Telequick System video 


      Cable Management

      • Large range of accessories developed to facility the cable fixing and distribution.
      • Suitable for every product ranges.
      • Time saving due to pre-cuts and fixing system

      Spacial FlexiCable (NEW)

      • Direct mounting on S3D cabinets
      • No more need for marking out, cutting or drilling cable gland plates
      • No specific tools required for installation
      • It makes the everyday job simpler and safer
      • Add and change cables in an instant
      • Membrane material electrically insulated. HCE (Heat Curable Elastomer)
      • Water tightness: IP 55.
      • Resistance to mechanical impact: IK 08.
      • Fire resistance (650 °C) and halogen free.
      • Cable diameter: from 10 to 26 mm.
      • Corrosion resistance: following  IEC 62208 outdoor test.
      • Exclusive and patented technology!

      Telequick System

      • Easy and fast layout modification at any time
      • Insulation guarantee
      • Professional results
      • Facilitates the product maintenance to the End User


      Cable Management

      • All Universal enclosures ranges.

      Spacial FlexiCable (New)

      • Suitable with S3D and CRNG cabinets.

      Telequick System

      • Control gears
      • Switch gears


      • Spacial FlexiCable -  Cable entry plate
      • Cable entries and cable glands
      • Cable ducts and quick fixing brackets