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    Zmogljiva in visoko kakovostna najlonska svetilka za zahtevne aplikacije

    TOP prenosna žarnica, idealna za profesionalno in domačo uporabo

    • Lastnosti

       Jodiolux is an upmarket, rugged, portable rechargeable lamp. Resistant to heavy rain (IP65), it is used by professionals (military, police, fire fighters, etc.). Provided with coloured filters, it can be used with its flashing mode for emergency interventions. More than 300-m light beam.
      When plugged in to 230 V, it switches on automatically when the mains fails.
      It features two bulbs: a 10 W halogen searchlight and a 1.5 W auxiliary light. The TOP portable lamp, ideal for professional and domestic use

       Main features
      Very robust and waterproof, its nylon body is suitable for harsh environments
      Up to 1300 lux at 2 metres
      Designed for tough applications and built with very strong materials
      Choice of long-distance beam light or diffuse light
      The lamps may be used in flashing mode with coloured screen
      Accessories: 12/24 V vehicle charger and lamp support  
      Range description
      One product reference
      One 10 W halogen bulb and one 1.5 W incandescent bulb
      Normal and flashing modes
      Technical information
      1300 lux at 2 metres and 4 lux at 1 metre
      IP 65 (special rubber gaskets)
      Battery autonomy: 4 h (main 10 W light) and 24 h (1.5 W auxiliary light)
      Non-maintained mode
      Spare parts available


      Very high performance and quality
      Incredible 1300 lux at 2 meters
      Designed for hard applications and built with highly resistant materials
      Selection between long distance beam light and diffuse light During recharging, if a blackout occurs, the lamp will automatically switch on


      A wide range of applications, from night watches to military and police use, from rescue to security utilization
      Developed to ensure a reserve of light in every situation