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    1050 lumnov! Koncentrirani žarki za visoko pozicionirana mesta ali posebne aplikacije. Standardna različica

    Zmogljiva rešitev za velika območja

    • Lastnosti

      Guardian is dedicated to places with high ceilings and roofs, to large areas and to tough environments.
      With an exceptional 1050-lumen lighting power, it can illuminate places where there is no other reasonable possibility.
      Very well designed, it can be installed horizontally or vertically and the two searchlights can be oriented in the right direction. It lights up in less than 0.5 second. Also IP65 compliance for outdoor installation.
      Made with high-quality material and components.

      The powerful solution for large areas  

      Main features
      Up to 1050 lumens !
      Two searchlights rotate from 90° to 45°
      Very robust, suitable for rough environments
      Certified by independent organizations: NF, AENOR
      Range description
      Three product references
      One version: Standard
      Two bulbs with high lighting performance
      Only one product size
      Technical information
      200, 400, 1050 lm
      IP 65, IK 07
      Non-maintained mode
      1 h battery autonomy
      Compliant with EN 60598-2-22


      Very high performance and quality
      Incredible 1050 lumens
      Nominal emergency flux reached in less than 0.5 second


      A range specially designed for premises with high ceilings: workshops, warehouses, sports facilities... Developed to ensure safe evacuation of all buildings