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    Quick Signal

    Eleganten Led izdelek. Standardne in samo-diagnostične različice

    Popolna rešitev za vsa okolja zahvaljujoč različnim možnostim namestitve

    Quick Signal
    • Lastnosti

      Quick Signal is a specific exit sign product.
      What strike the eye immediately are its very good looks. The screen plate is made with methacrylate and lighted with high-quality LEDs. When recessed in the ceiling, you hardly see the product’s casing, only the plate hanging out of the ceiling. A nice effect also when flag mounted.
      This kind of exit sign product is also highly visible: lighted from the inside, large pictogram, visible from both sides.

      The nice LED running man

      Main features
      Product range optimized to meet the main needs of facilities and buildings, hotels, shops, museums, etc.
      Maintained-mode products
      LED light source for a very long life span (100,000 hours)
      Low power consumption
      Quick-fit installation allows fast and reliable installation
      Certified by independent organizations: AENOR for some references
      Range description
      Only three product references to cover needs
      Standard, Self-diagnosis versions
      Technical information
      Visibility distance: 28 m
      IP 40, IK 07
      1 h and 3 h battery autonomy Compliant with EN 60598-2-22


      Extra long life span (100,000 hours)
      Elegant shape with extremely fine finishing thanks to screen indication and smooth LED lighting
      Quick-fix installation allows fast and reliable installation
      Low consumption, energy efficient


      A range for all types of premises: hotels, offices, schools, shops, etc..., developed to ensure safe evacuation from all buildings