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    Dušilke za kompenzacijo

    LV indukcije

    Detonirani reaktorji za korekcijo faktorja moči v zelo onesnaženih omrežjih

    Dušilke za kompenzacijo
    • Lastnosti

      Detuned reactors are specific three phase inductors dedicated to attenuating the amplification of harmonics on highly polluted networks and to protecting the different components of the installation.
      They form a complete product range from 6 to 100 kvar and are available in the most common tunings like 135, 190 and 215 Hz for network voltage of 400/415V 50Hz. They must be chosen according to the capacitors they are associated with.

      Technical data
      • anti-rust coating
      • thermal probe with no volt contact
      • Merlin Gerin label
      • standard: IEC 60289, EN 60289


      • long service life improved by a wide range with the right sizing to fit all risk of harmonics
      Peace of mind:
      • safety operating mechanism provided by a thermal probe protection
      • product with dry type which needs minimum maintenance


      • Power quality supplied: limitation of pollution to the network.